Glenn Beck in BIG Trouble

This just in (picked up on Twitter, actually).

Apparently evidence has been uncovered that seems to indicate that Glenn Beck may have committed some dastardly crimes (truly disgusting) back in 1990.  Check the disturbing (and mounting) evidence cited on the site.

While JordanCornblog is not in the business of fomenting gossip or rumors, it seems like this is something that Mr. Beck should step forward and disprove, if, indeed, it is untrue.

His silence, so far, would seem to indicate that he has something to hide.

And if he actually does have things to hide … and if these rumors are true, then he certainly should not be on the airwaves … and should, in fact, be in prison.

So, Mr. Beck … please, please, please prove to ALL of us that you didn’t commit rape and murder back in 1990.

We are waiting!

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