I'm With John Marcotte

Running late, but wanted to weigh in on the defense of marriage.

Yup, I’m with John Marcotte – if we’re going to defend traditional marriage, lets defend it all the way.  No more half measures … after all, this is a sacred institution.

‘Til death do us part … hear that?

Oh, and while we’re at it (totally unrelated) the Breakers lost a couple of stalwarts in the expansion draft.  Here’s the data …

In addition to Schmedes and Weber, the Philadelphia Independence also selected Lori Lindsey (2nd overall) and Sarah Senty (9th overall) from the Washington Freedom, Jen Buczkowski (3rd overall) from Sky Blue FC, and Nikki Krzysik (5th overall) and Danesha Adams (11th overall) from the Chicago Red Stars.

The Atlanta Beat selected Leigh-Ann Robinson from FC Gold Pride (1st overall), Amanda Cinalli (4th overall) and Sara Larsson (10th overall) from Saint Louis Athletica, Katie Larkin (6th overall) and Sharolta Nonen (8th overall) from the Los Angeles Sol, and Noelle Keselica (12th overall) from Sky Blue FC.

Finally, apropos of the defense of marriage … sorta … this from The Writer’s Almanac this morning …

Particle Physics

by Julie Kane

They say two photons fired through a slit

stay paired together to the end of time;

if one is polarized to change its spin,

the other does a U-turn on a dime,

although they fly apart at speeds of light

and never cross each other’s paths again,

like us, a couple in the seventies,

divorced for almost thirty years since then.

Tonight a Red Sox batter homered twice

to beat the Yankees in their playoff match,

and, sure as I was born in Boston, when

that second ball deflected off the bat,

I knew your thoughts were flying back to me,

though your location was a mystery.

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