How Despicable … I'm Leaving!

This statistic is horrifying … and yet we, as a nation, seem unable to muster the will to push through meaningful healthcare reform.  Meanwhile, those who are least likely to favor measures that could save lives are probably the same folks who tout the moral superiority of the US of A … and would much rather see pregnant women die than allow them to make choices about their bodies.

So, I have decided to flee.  Yes, it’s true … I am leaving and going to visit HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew.  I may or may not check the news while I am away.  I may or may not blog.  It’s all up in the air.

Drainage stonesI will be checking out the work that’s underway at the lake (shoring up the foundations, putting drainage all around the house, replacing the livingroom floor). The photo is of the pile of gravel they’ll be packing in around the house for drainage.

Oh, and we will also be taking in the dock, bringing in the boats for the winter … and maybe also splitting some firewood down at H&C’s house.  Then, of course, there is also FFootball to keep up with … and HollyCornblog’s home brews to sample.

Healthcare reform will just have to wait ’til I get back, I guess …

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3 Responses to How Despicable … I'm Leaving!

  1. Paula Rockwell says:

    All I can say is “thank goodness for Fantasy Football” I am so discouraged with the news rants these days and need to flee from it all myself..Peg and I are off to go camping, so I have set my lineups is hopes of another successful game, but…who know!?


  2. Good for Rachel! And I agree – this stat should be out front all the time ’til we fix it.

    And yes … moderation shall be my watchword … thanks for your support! ;>)

    Next week, let’s get back on track at RRT!


  3. Alice says:

    Those statistics are what should be played and replayed over and over again instead of the incessant partisan rhetoric that is sending you into the woods and me to Project Runway. I do bow to Rachel Maddow for staying on point–her focus last night on the states that have the highest teen birthrates as well as highest uninsured population was right on: the same states with reps filling the airwaves with the distortions and paranoid rhetoric that is desecrating health care reform that could serve the very people they are “supposed” to be serving. All good wishes JordanCornblog in your reality flight. And remember, moderation in sampling that brew.


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