Still Hiding Out …

Yup – the JordanCornbog news blackout continues.  If there is any news at all (and I admit, I may have not been able to resist posting) it will only be of the very most local variety.

I’m talking pictures of the work progress at the lake, live blogging as CharlieHopBrew cooks our fresh NH chicken on the GreenEgg on the back porch, the view from the chiminea, that sort of thing …

Maybe a little Fantasy Football trash talking, too.  (Is YOUR line-up set?)

But in the meantime, if you need a wee bit of trenchant commentary, I refer you to this post about Stoopid Peepul and our national worhsip of same … that Boltgirl posted right around this time last week.  (Oh, and in deference to JPE, I won’t even mention Sarah Palin.)  Not at all.

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