Uh Oh

Woke up with a scratchy throat this morning .. and maybe some aches?  Hard to know where the body leaves off and the mind kicks in this flu season.

I’ll be off to work shortly – and we’ll see how things unfold as the day moves ahead.

In the meantime it’s a gorgeous sunrise here, and I’m fortified with vitamins and Zicam and everything else that I can think of.  We shall see …

On the news front, aside from the fact that the Phillies won their first game (and Phoenix extended the WNBA series by defeating the Fever), I see that Mary Cheney is expecting … and Dick hasn’t yet trained his evil eye on the haters.  Crazy-making, any way you look at it.

Oh, and Al Franken had his first amendment passed … but without the help of most of the “usual suspects” … including NH’s own Judd Gregg.  (Oh, I am so proud!)

Okay – and with that I’m off (really off).

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1 Response to Uh Oh

  1. Alice says:

    Speaking of Zicam, there was a recall not long ago–I hope you’ll check it out just to be safe before you take too many doses.


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