Inspiring Win, Rainy Morning

Of course, I was a Phillies lover before, but after last night’s top-of-the-9th heroics, how can you not love that team?  Bring on the Dodgers … and let’s have a repeat of last year!  I went to sleep thinking of my Dad, and how excited he’d have been (gave him a congratulatory phone call, in my mind).

On the FFootball front, I see that Flying Pigs outdistanced all teams this week, edging brattybeaglebutts 117 for the top score with 120 points.  Congratulations, Abby!

!ChairWhile I continued to cough, sneeze and otherwise just hack away yesterday, HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew got more work done up at the lake.

Yesterday they moved a couple of rocking chairs up there – looks like they’ll fit in nicely.  They got the refrigerator situated in the Woodhouse, and also met with the “stove guy” – who’ll be getting the woodstove reattached sometime over the next several weeks.

It’s looking so good, you guys.  Hope you didn’t need the heating pads again last night!

I’m heading back to work this morning, and will try not to be too annoying to my co-workers with my coughing. Got a lot of catching up to do!  ;>)

Meanwhile, the weather says rain … and snow (???) this morning.

Yikes – guess the white capris are really done for, eh?

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