Olympia Snowe (The Real GOP Maverick) and Other Stuff

While I would love to see a better healthcare reform bill, I am so impressed with Olympia Snowe’s character amidst the petty partisanship that has so dominated our political landscape.  I continue to wonder why other more or less sane Republicans aren’t following suit.  Maybe Obama’s course (i.e. not being reactive to the crazies and fanning the flames) will bring other moderates along over time.   I sure hope so – and hope that we actually have time!

Meanwhile, here is an excellent video in defense of marriage – an important and long overdue initiative in California.  (I am, in fact, thinking of relocating out there so that I can work to support it.)


And while we’re on the subject of important information, keep this in mind when your door bell rings and the Girl Scouts visit …


And with that, I’m off, to cough, hack and snort my way through another day!

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