Phillies lose, Yankees win, and JordanCornblog has a relapse … back to the cold meds.

Did I say Ugh?

And then there’s the news from the Breakers that Angela Hucles is retiring – both from the Breakers and from the USWNT.  Angela will be sorely missed, and I must say that it is nice to see someone retire with the same kind of dignity and level-headed groundedness that she brought to her game.  We wish you all the best, Angela!

And just how depressing is it to read/hear about George H.W. Bush whining about the press.  I’d forgotten how excruciating HIS 4 years were.  Nice to hear the “sick puppies” respond and run through the history of “attack politics” and Poppy’s fundamental role in it.  Might be interesting to hear the entire text of his remarks … but I don’t think I could tolerate the sound of his voice for that long.

Oh, but before you go, you must watch Bill Maher’s run-down of the year’s riduculous Republicans … a wonderful compendium (if it weren’t so depressing and scary).  He’s a witty, witty man!

Oh, and phinally, I phound a nice, Phillies blog that I’ll be adding to the sidebar.  It’s Crashburn Alley – in a nod to Richie Ashburn … and the Phillies’ penchant for crashing and burning.  (Let’s just stop right here.)

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