Lightning Strikes from the Upper Valley

SirHitsAlot (aka Mo) rode into town yesterday with his marauding minions, used his head, and wreaked havoc in the Concord soccer world.

In plain English, his talented upstart U-13 team toppled the mighty U-14 Concord Express Team 2-1 on a windswept field where the Merrimack River meanders through Concord and soccer aficionados gather, hoping for just this sort of contest.

The Lightning struck first (according to my intrepid reporter) and then the Express came back with the equalizer.  The action was furious as each team tried to push through and score the go-ahead goal … in the teeth of two staunch defenses and a howling Halloween wind.

But the game was deadlocked as the final seconds ticked down.

It’s starting to look like this will end in a tie.  Then the Lightning win a corner.  One more chance.

The kick goes up – a nice cross into the box.  Rapt fans watch.  The screaming wind blows. Out of nowhere, in comes a flying SirHitsAlot.  He leaps into the air, surrounded by defenders on every side.

Suddenly time slows down.  Everything goes quiet.  Even the wind seems to stop.


Head connects with ball.  Ball careens into goal.  Make that 2-1 Lightning!

The final seconds tick down … and the fans go wild as humble SirHitsAlot strides off the field to celebrate this sweet victory with his marvelous marauding minions from the Upper Valley!

Wish I could have seen it … and wish the Phillies could have done, last night, something like what the Lightning did yesterday afternoon.  Ah well – tonight will be different for the good guys, I am sure.

Meanwhile – congratulations to the Lightning and to you, SirHitsAlot.

Savor your win, Mo … because you are going DOWN in FFootball!  The 2 Blitzen’ Babes have your number!


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