1-0 is a Very Nice Score

The USWNT beat Germany 1-0 on Thursday.

And I’m liking that 1-0 score this morning, as the Bates Bobcats (that’s the women’s soccer version) ended their season on a high note, beating the Colby College Mules 1-0.

Meanwhile, here in NH that 1-0 score was the result in an upset of Hopkinton by Belmont in the Class M Girls’ Soccer tournament.  It’s the first time (in my recollection, at any rate) that Belmont has beaten Hopkinton in soccer.  It’s also the first time since the State Championship run of 2005 that the Belmont team has made it to the final 4.  Keep it going!  (Next up, Campbell at 4PM on Tuesday!)

I’m superstitiously hoping that all these good results will spell a Phillies win tonight, as the World Series moves to the home field … and hopefully the Phillies bats come alive!  Come on, guys … wouldn’t it be sweet to close it out at home?  But one game at a time … one game at a time.  So be there tonight … first pitch, 7:57 PM (ET).

Oh, and guys?  While a 1-0 win is absolutely acceptable … I would greatly prefer a wider margin, okay?  MUCH wider, actually.

And in other women’s soccer, news, here’s the FIFA Women’s World Player 2009 shortlist:  Nadine Angerer (Germany), Sonia Bompastor (France), Cristiane (Brazil), Inka Grings (Germany), Mana Iwabuchi (Japan), Simone Laudehr (Germany), Marta (Brazil), Birgit Prinz (Germany), Kelly Smith (England), Abby Wambach (USA).  A good showing by the WPS — and nicely done by the Breakers’ very own Kelly Smith!

Other news?  How about this correspondence out of California?

1027arnoldWell, personally, I am in awe and admiration of the creativity of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s staff, who were apparently able to compose the above letter to the California Legislature … in which the first letters of each line combined to spell: “F— you.”  This is an accomplishment to be celebrated, not denied, IMHO.

Score that:  Schwarzenegger 1, Legislature 0.

On the Dickish front, I see that the former VP is suffering from some memory problems when it comes to the Plame Affair.  Indeed, according to Mother Jones, when he was interviewed by the FBI (info recently released under the Freedom of Information Act) there were 22 things that he could not remember … just a year after the events.

I continue to have the sense that, even now, a wee bit of water-boarding might bring a few things back.  Why are we dithering?  Let’s do it!

And speaking of dithering ditherers, I love this bit of hypocrisy from our friend Joe Lieberman, who in 1994 came out strongly against the filibuster.

“The whole process of individual senators being able to hold up legislation, which in a sense is an extension of the filibuster because the hold has been understood in one way to be a threat to filibuster — it’s just unfair.”

Time to strip him of his chairmanship and kick him out of the caucus, folks.  Seriously.  Why are we dithering?  Let’s do it!

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