Well, MY Daddy Wouldn't Be Happy

JordanCornblog’s predictions proved slightly inaccurate, perhaps because the biking didn’t start soon enough in the series.  Or perhaps because she didn’t wear her Utley shirt for those last two games … or the Phillies hat … or maybe the barometric pressure was all wrong (that was the problem the year the Eagles lost to the Pats in the Superbowl … I’m pretty sure).

It’s a big burden, keeping those guys on a winning path.  Clearly, JordanCornblog wasn’t up to it.  Not this year, anyway.  Next year.  Next year!

Had it not been for Matsui, the score would have been 3-1 … a Phillies win.  JordanCornblog comforts herself with that thought.

In addition, there’s that whole payroll thing.  And that $1.5 BILLION ballpark.  JordanCornblog finds that kinda comforting as well – that it took millions to put away an upstart team with a fraction of the bucks taking the field!  Of COURSE the Yankees won.  Good grief.

On the positive side, between Boltgirl’s excellent modeling and these last two World Series games, JordanCornblog has gotten some exercise under her belt.  That’s never a bad thing.  Next year she’ll be in better shape … and ready to bike for the Phillies OR the Cubbies!

And DaddyCornblog?  He’d have loved to have seen a Phillies repeat … but he has a much broader perspective on these things than we mere mortals do.  Any words of wisdom, Dad?

One plus that he’d be sure to remind us of … more sleep.  Now we can all get more sleep!


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