Phinally Phriday

… and one last tip of the hat to the Philllies on a great season.  Here’s a nice post from Phillies Nation … “Proud to be a Phan.”  Now I’ll put it away …

The news out of Fort Hood Texas is so bad, so sad, so disheartening and incomprehensible, that I don’t know what to say about it … except that I wish to god that we had the political will to institute meaningful gun control.  And please, no bad jokes about psychiatrists and/or mental health.  With the levels of rage, disenfranchisement, and hopelessness in this country, people need to be encouraged to seek out help … to defuse and deflect potential violent scenes like this one.  Oh, and no backlash against our fellow Muslim/Arab citizens, okay?  Could we have a more nuanced response than our right wing brethren usually treat us to?  Could we muzzle the likes of Glenn, Rush, Sean and Bill?  Ah, how refreshing the silence would be!

I’m adding a couple of important links today … and for those of you who’d like to see JordanCornblog function as your homepage, I’m open to other suggestions …;>)

What am I adding?

Foothills Physical Therapy … hands down the best collection of physical therapy professionals in Central New Hampshire … nah, in all of New England!  How’s them apples?  Check them out – not only are they excellent, they are FUN!

The New Hampshire Community Loan Fund … award-winning and innovative community economic development powerhouse that has had a direct, positive impact on countless NH citizens.  And now, with ROC USA, they have taken their innovative model and their expertise national!

And then there’s the Concord Feminist Health Center … staunch … steadfast … key member of the healthcare community since the ’70’s … and holding to that word “feminist” through thick and thin.  Did I say staunch?  You betcha!!

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4 Responses to Phinally Phriday

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    That is truly disturbing. Why doesn’t a coach bench someone like that? (A question that I have also asked during some local NH high school basketball and soccer games … watching one player in particular take another player out with a flagrant foul – and then get high-fived by her coach when she left the court.) Ah … sweet memories!


  2. AMR says:

    I wish that engulfing myself in the world of sports would help soften the blow but it seems as if violence is literally everywhere these days.

    You can’t even watch women’s soccer without seeing a truly disturbed individual!


  3. JordanCornblog says:

    That’s awesome about your folks … and I agree, it’s an impressive group.

    I think the World Series was insulating me from the world … re-connecting with the news is a rather shocking process (to say the least). Desperate times.


  4. AMR says:

    The worst part about his actions was the fact that he was quoted as being very upset about being harassed about being a Muslim. His actions will continue to solidify the stereotypes for his fellow followers.

    Truly – a totally tragic situation for all.

    On brighter news, both my parents have gone or are going to Foothills and have had nothing but amazing things to say about their practice. My mom saw Julie and my dad is seeing Jeff. Quite the impressive group they have over there!!!


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