Thanks, AMR, for sharing thie video below of the University of New Mexico’s Elizabeth Lambert demonstrating how NOT to play the game of soccer.


I am glad to see that New Mexico suspended this player, but even so, ya gotta think this kind of match play didn’t suddenly arise out of the blue.  How does a player come to think that this is even remotely okay?  She says … “This is in no way indicative of my character or the soccer player I am.”

I am sorry – and this is said with your best interests at heart, Liz – but you can’t behave like that and then walk away and say that it’s not indicative of your character.

It happened.

You did it.

It sure as hell indicates SOMETHING … and right now, I’d say it indicates something about your character.

What you do next also indicates something about your character.

It’d be really good for your character if you did some soul searching right about now.

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