So, What Do You Think? Fire 'em?

Rep. Peter DeFazio has called for the dismissal of “Timmy” Geithner and Larry Summers, basically for favoring Wall Street over Main Street.

I make no claims to understand the mess we’re in … BUT the Wall Street piece of it all has seemed off-base to me for a long time … going back to the Bushies.  Back then, I expected it to be off base.  But Obama’s handling of those dudes has been at best puzzling and at worst dismaying to me.

Little snippets of information keep coming out that make no sense … like the fact that the auto-industry is expected to pay back monies they received (or so it sounds to me) while bankers and brokers appear to not labor under the same expectation – instead continuing to walk away with big, big bonuses after wreaking havoc on the economy.

Why is that? Ya gotta wonder.

On a lighter note, check out this piece from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – as Going Rogue goes rogue.  (Poor Rachel Maddow!)

And stay tuned to JordanCornblog in the coming weeks – keep your eyes peeled for a new guest blogger.

’nuff said.

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So, what do you think?

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