Sunday Morning

Been to Coby’s for breakfast (yum) and now the stove is taking the chill off here in the kitchen, while Chris Matthews et al debate the role of independent voters in the healthcare debate.  CharlieHopbrew is getting a big old slab of beef ready to cook on the Green Egg … while HollyCornblog explores incinerator toilets, Yakima roof racks, and Nissan Cubes … and sets up her FFootball team.  And me?  I just chronicle it all! 

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1 Response to Sunday Morning

  1. Alice says:

    And a good morning to you and Holly and Charlie. I was watching Chris Matthews, too, –almost gagged at his guest’s prediction that Sarah Palin would be running for president next time around. Other commentators have been writing her off–a message much more to my liking of course. Since you’re chronicling–have you seen this?…/uconntennessee-revival- dont-be.html –
    I need some assistance in understanding it all.

    See you next Saturday b-day girl!


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