Home Again!

Great trip and great to be home – I feel lucky! Very, very lucky!

!FloorlessHollyCornblog gave me some more photos of the work at the lake and I’ll share one of them here – amazing to look at the place, sans floor.

Now it’s all cozy and insulated and feeling sturdier than ever.  But this gives an idea of the kind of work that was involved. And it’s weird to think that that ground that you see under the house, hadn’t had a human foot touch it for more than 100 years.

Gives me pause, anyway.

Now it’s back to work for a couple of days … lots of catching up to do.

Oh, and thanks, AMR, for jumping in with your first post.  It’s so jarring and discouraging to bump into Fox News out in public like that, eh?!

I remember back during the 2008 election seeing that a favorite apple orchard of mine had posted a humongous McCain sign at their entrance.

I believe in freedom of expression – and I also believe in voting with my feet.  Haven’t been back there since.

How’s them apples?!

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2 Responses to Home Again!

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Thanks for adding your comment. I know that it’s never (or seldom) a black and white thing (referring to the apples). Mostly I thought it was a strange thing for a retailer to do (referring to the sign) … and that made me surmise that the opinions it seemed to indicate were likely very strong (to overcome otherwise good business sense). That’s a lot of mind-reading, eh? Definitely a talent of mine – and one which gets me into trouble more often than not!


  2. AMR says:

    Hopefully future posts will be easier now that I know there won’t be eggs hurled at me from all directions ;-).

    As for the orchard, I still go there despite their misguided thinking. Mostly because they have been great to donate pounds of apples for Thanksgiving baskets for one of the soup kitchens I used to volunteer for. But, I will admit, the sign is still engraved in my thoughts when driving down their road!

    You are very lucky :-)!


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