Shame on You Judd Gregg

Judd the DuddFrom a basically useless, empty-suit sort of a Senator comes a “How to Manual” that is actually pretty much in keeping with his persona.

Judd Gregg – the lame duck from NH has published some helpful hints for his fellow GOPers who wish to obstruct healthcare reform (and anything else they want to block, as well).  It’s practical, detailed, and devoid of moral content and values.

Pretty much how old Judd comes across to me.

Here’s what one commenter wrote:  “He’s not up for re-election. He can spend all his time now working for big business and not for the people.”  My guess is that’s on the money (as it were).

Meredith BaxterI am so embarrassed … and also pissed that old Judd has distracted me from Meredith Baxter and Tiger Woods and all manner of other, much more entertaining stuff!

Meanwhile, our good friend John McCain (remember him?) has resurrected his robo-calls and is using misleading scare tactics to derail reform.  Thanks, John. Knew we could count on ya to add meaningfully to the debare and elevate the discourse!

A friend and I were talking yesterday evening about our disappointments with Obama … then we brought ourselves up short, imagining John in the White House and the Divine Ms. P at his elbow.  Good God – what a thought!

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