Christopher Hitchens Rant – and a Few Other Things

I’m interested to see Christopher Hitchens criticizing Ms. P. with such energy. Quite a rant. Ya gotta wonder if there was some personal offense that the Guv paid to Mr. H to get him so riled.

Ah well – it’s enjoyable … as is Posterous. Have you explored it? Great tool, from what I can tell so far! It’s an application that allows you to post to your blog – as well as lots of social networking sites – all by simply sending an e-mail to  Once you’ve posted to the blog, for example, you can edit as you wish – and the changes appear on your blog but don’t affect the original posting.

It looks like a nice way to create an on-line blog-type mechanism for sharing photos, videos, etc.  You can make it public – or create groups – so that your data is shared in a more limited circle.

Went to see The Messenger last night and have to say it’s one of the best movies I have seen in quite awhile.  It’s hard to watch and left me silent … and has stayed with me, for sure.  It’s gone from Red River after Thursday … a must see, in my book!

Looks like a beauty of a day.  I’m off … hoping the driveway isn’t too slippery this morning!

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