Happy Christmas, Everyone!

In the spirit of Christmas in America, here’s a question for you:  When you click that “Buy” button at Amazon, ever wonder what happens? I just stumbled upon a post on Gizmodo about The Secret Lives of Amazon’s Elves.  It’s a lifestyle – who’d a thunk.

A few years back Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard flipped the bird to their desk jobs, packed their belongings in a custom 17-foot solar-powered fiberglass camper, and hit the road to live “at the intersection of Epic and Awesome.” A couple months ago, while staying with friends, they noticed that Amazon was luring RVers to Coffeyville, Kansas, the site of the retail giant’s original and largest fulfillment center.

“We were located in San Diego at the time,” explained Cherie. “We’re part of a community of younger full-time RVers on Nurvers.com, a group of non-retired-age folks who are living the mobile lifestyle and kind of going outside the norms of ‘Wait for retirement to travel.'” They noticed other RVers were flocking to Kansas to work for Amazon. The pay wasn’t great—just above $10-an-hour, typically—but Chris and Cherie were planning on being in St. Louis for the holidays. Why not kill a month in Kansas working for Amazon?

Chris and Cherie wouldn’t work another season at Coffeyville, but not because they were miserable. “Everybody treated each other really nicely!” says Chris. It’s just that the two are “experience junkies, craving the new,” even if working for Amazon certainly gave them a fresh perspective on American culture.

“You’d have a tote come down the line, and you’d have adult toys right next to kid toys in the same bin,” laughs Cherie. “The Obama Chia Pet was an oddity. And the Bill Clinton corkscrew. And I did have a tote one afternoon that was full of mooning gnomes.”

Sounds a lot nicer than Wal-Mart, eh, HollyCornblog?  If I were to ever (1) retire and (2) happen to have an RV … this might be an interesting option.  Good exercise, it sounds like, too.

In other news, if I didn’t know that my mother was dead, I’d seriously suspect that she had visited the Vatican City.  Seriously.  Kinda looks like her from the back.

Since we’re on the subject of religion (sorta), here’s a thought:  The religious right is big on decrying stuff like abortion and gay marriage.  But think about it, guys.  If you really want to tackle a BIG no-no (according to the Word of God) you’ll start going after the money lenders.  Whaddya think?  Usury is a big no no … in the Old and the New testaments.  The good book says stuff like:

Exodus 22:25   If thou lend money to any of my people that is poor by thee, thou shalt not be to him as an usurer, neither shalt thou lay upon him usury.

Pretty clear, if you ask me.  But bank reform gets no GOP love, it seems … so are we literalists or not, people?  Can we have some consistency, please?

But enough.  ’tis the season to be merry.  My problem is that being merry according to the calendar has never really worked for me.  In fact, it used to make me decidedly unmerry.  That’s gotten better … but I still feel a little cynical about it.  That’s not to say that I feel at all cynical about my life.  Very grateful, actually – but just not on cue.

But still, happy, merry, etc.  I’ll let go, take a breath, and feel my gratitude.

Ahhhhh – now THAT’s better!

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