12/27/09-That's All

I share this Mary Oliver poem (posted on The Writer’s Almanac this morning) becuase “the ruckus of the cattails” was just too wonderful NOT to share!

Meanwhile, today in Canterbury it is rainy and grey.Β  I’ll be working on a holiday card to share … and on NOT eating more sugar … and on NOT messing any more with my FFootball team, as we go down to the wire.

I seem to have lost my bearings on the blogging front … and so, await the New Year to see what manner of inspiration it brings!

Herons in Winter in the Frozen Marsh

by Mary Oliver

All winter
two blue herons
hunkered in the frozen marsh,
like two columns of blue smoke.

What they ate
I can’t imagine,
unless it was the small laces
of snow that settled

in the ruckus of the cattails,
or the glazed windows of ice
under the tired
pitchforks of their feetβ€”

so the answer is
they ate nothing,
and nothing good could come of that.
They were mired in nature, and starving.

Still, every morning
they shrugged the rime from their shoulders,
and all day they
stood to attention

in the stubbled desolation.
I was filled with admiration,
and, of course, empathy.

It called for a miracle.
Finally the marsh softened,
and their wings cranked open
revealing the old blue light,

so that I thought: how could this possibly be
the blunt, dark finish?
First one, then the other, vanished
into the ditches and upheavals.

All spring, I watched the rising blue-green grass,
above its gleaming and substantial shadows,
toss in the breeze,
like wings.

Finally, lest anyone forget that WPS Soccer gets underway in a mere 4 months … here’s an interview with the Breakers’ own Jennifer Nobis.

Have a great day … welcome home, Alice … safe travels HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew … and Go 2 Blitzen Babes!

Heheheheh … πŸ˜‰

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