First Saturday

Waking up to snow here in NH, and the big decision is when to go do the food shopping.  (Never is not an option.)  Rather than answer that burning question, I just lost myself for @ half an hour noodling around on the web looking for things to write about.  I landed amongst a bunch of Phillies’ videos on YouTube – celebrations of the 2008 World Series win, the late Harry Kalas calling the win, stuff about the work Chase Utley and his wife Jen do for the SPCA, etc.  But this was my favorite …


Fuck yeah – and here’s to doing it again in 2010!  (But first the Eagles …)

That took me to an interview I recently heard on MLB Home Plate with Doug Glanville … former player and now occasional Op Ed Writer for the Times.  Of course, I immediately liked him because he had played for the Phillies (it’s nice to be able to simplify one’s likes and dislikes in that way – great time-saver, if you ask me).

The interview was about a piece he had written on Tiger Woods’ downfall – kinda the inside scoop from a pro athlete’s point of view.  I was impressed, both with the interview and the op-ed.  Gonna keep my eye out for more from Doug … and as the snow falls, I find myself also looking for a good book about baseball.  Any suggestions?

Speaking of snow … check out the Wovel instead of a snowblower.  We’re on the bandwagon.  Who knows, maybe we’ll do a video one of these days – let you see how it’s done!


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3 Responses to First Saturday

  1. Hey Paula and Eleanor – thanks for the responses! We’ll get cracking on thatvideo as soon as Wovel and snowfall converge here.

    Paula … we’ll need to find another way to chat during football today. Gmail? Facebook?

    Eleanor … do you have any good baseball book recommendations? BTW – we made two bean recipes last night … great fun! I suspect you’ve heard all about it already … 😉


  2. Eleanor says:

    I can’t wait to try the wovel, too. Someone I work with, who lives in Dover, NH, got one recently and is crazy about it. I found out about it through The Greenists blog and it sounded too good to be true. I’m trying to manage my expectations, but still hoping that it might be the ticket to giving up my snowblower completely at some point. …looking forward to that video!


  3. Paula Rockwell says:

    Regarding the wovel, I would love to see a video of the folks at PH wovelling out around the chicken coup and wheeling up and down the driveway. It looks like it works wonders for light fluffy stuff, but I would have a tough time here on the seacoast with the often heavy moist snow and the ugly stuff left by the snow plow after I painstakingly clear the end of my drive…Love the wovel concept, not sure its practical for most nh snows…but I’m all for something that would clear the snow around here in a greener fashion…Perhaps a teenager who want to work to make some extra money?? That seems rare ’round here these days..Happy New Year to you all at PH..Speaking of new year, gotta head to yoga to get my body and spirit aligned..Have a great weekend.


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