First Monday, First Week, New Decade

Here comes the sun, as the bare trees on the eastern horizen try to snag it … to no avail.  It’s gonna rise into a crystal clear January sky anyway.

It doesn’t care that the Cowboys embarrassed the Eagles.  It doesn’t care that healthcare reform is being knocked off track by lobbyists and plain old greed.  It doesn’t care that big bank CEO’s and Wall Street insiders continue to reap gargantuan rewards for being bad stewards.

It’s just gonna keep rising up. Here it is, shining into my eyes as I type.  Boy is it bright – and it’s only a little ways up!

And I’m thinking that’s what we need to do, too.  Just rise, no matter what.  The rest will be what it is.  Guess that’s my resolution for the new year – to rise – whatever that means in the particularity of my moments.  (I suspect it will mean more exercise, among other things.)

Here’s what the world looked like over at HollyCornblog’s and CharlieHopbrew’s, yesterday afternoon.

They had a bit more of that white stuff than we did here in NH (much to our disappointment).

I bet the cold January sun looks beautiful, rising into the clear sky over those snow-covered hills this morning …

… so here’s to January 2010.

May it be a month of rising for you … for all of us!

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