Oh, I Don't Know

Maybe I’m numb, but all the flap over the near-disaster over Detroit continues to bug me.  There’s now a report, and the Senate is going to hold hearings, and I am sure the GOP will be calling for firings and all … zzzzzz …

You know what?  I really wish that they would put their energies toward problems that are solvable and that affect thousands upon thousands of people.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?

I really wish they would stop clamoring for “foolproof” answers to this whole terrorism thing … when it looks to me like a crapshoot.  From the article …

Analysts take pieces of information – like the disparate threads available before Christmas – look at them, correlate them, and then make a “very strong leap in order to reach a decision,” Allen said. “It takes experience.”

Note that very strong leap!  I would add “luck” to “experience.”

We, as a people, have gone way overboard in terms of how safe we expect to be in this world (especially given our behavior as a world citizen). And it’s beyond crazy – how we expect the government to protect us and keep us alive.

The government should (according to the GOP):

  • Protect us from terrorists when we board a plane; but
  • Not over-regulate the airline industry with silly safety standards and such; and
  • Not keep us alive by addressing unnecessary deaths with something rational like a national healthcare system; but
  • Continue to propogate the illusion that they can somehow keep us safe be identifying the one in 10-million America-haters who might actually do something about it.

I am so tired of the lack of logic and intellectual honesty in the great minds of the GOP

… zzzzzzzzz …

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