Where did the time go?

This is one of those mornings when I wonder whether it’s better to post something or just remain silent.  I can’t do even a smidgeon of justice to the situation in Haiti, which is tragic beyond comprehension.  I am glad that Obama seems to be responding with swiftness and meaningful support … and without hesitation.  It is such a relief to have him at the helm at a time like this – and I am absolutely sure that he will get tons of crap from the right and the racists and the haters.

So be it.

I was reading last night about a young woman – Molly Hightower – a 22 year old young woman who was working in Haiti and is, as far as I know this morning, still missing.  Her blog, 525,600 Minutes brought me up short last night, striking so close to home as to take my breath away.  Life’s vagaries.  I hope that she will be somehow miraculously found safe …

On an entirely different note – so different that I almost hesitate to bring it up … the WPS draft is today.

Oh, and you can follow it on Twitter

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