Putting it to SCOTUS

Thank you, Mr. President, for speaking plainly and directly about the HORRIBLE decision by the Supreme Court last week.

And why weren’t Scalia and Thomas there?

And Justice Alito … WTF?

According to Marc Ambinder there are going to be some vacancies this summer … unfortunately (I suspect) not involving the most vacant of our justices.  (Yeah, Clarence, I mean you!)

In WPS News, the Beat are on track to be in their new stadium come May … and here’s a profile of Kasey Moore … Boston Breakers’ defender extraordinaire.

And which do you prefer, the iPad or the iPon?  😉

Personally, I like being able to swim and ride horses whenever I want to!

Here’s a great behind-the-scenes look at how Apple does it, from The Onion.

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1 Response to Putting it to SCOTUS

  1. Holly says:

    Hey, did you read that the larger version of the ipad is going to be called the iMAXIpad? HA! What were they thinking???


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