Our Renaissance Prez

The stamina and breadth of knowledge that this man posesses, not to mention the grace under pressure – and just plain grace – are quite amazing.

First – he goes to the so-called lion’s den and schools the GOP brain trust at their annual retreat (well done Mr. President).

Then he attends the Georgetown-Duke game and shares his b-ball chops with the world (in case you were wondering if he was for real on that front).


I do wish that he would give women’s b-ball a little more time.  Hopefully this year he’ll do BOTH brackets!

And now, on the snail mail vs. e-mail question, I must admit that I’ve come up empty so far.

I did find this site with lots of good ideas for reducing your carbon footprint.

It sure looks like junk mail is a big culprit, however – and I’m gonna explore this idea from the site:

Did you know that the energy used to produce, deliver and dispose of junk mail produces more greenhouse gas emissions than 2.8 million cars?! You can dramatically reduce your junk mail and offset CO2 emissions through the service of our nonprofit partner 41pounds. 41pounds will contact dozens of direct mail companies to remove your name from lists, including catalogs you specify. The cost is $41 for everyone in your household for 5 years, and 41pounds will donate $15 to Carbonfund.org to help support our mission. Sign up now!

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2 Responses to Our Renaissance Prez

  1. Thanks for stopping by … but I beg to differ on many of your points. (No big surprise there.) Bush started his 8 years with a surplus which he oh-so-deftly turned into a deficit of unequaled proportions and an economic meltdown that was WELL underway when Obama entered office. How can you ignore that in your analysis? Head in the sand? Puhlease! Obama IS scrambling – but it ain’t because of HIS policies.


  2. Noah says:

    How can you call this grace? O’Bummer is scrambling and he has no idea what to do. Massachusetts a red state now?!? The Democratic Party is falling on it’s face. They had the house and senate majority for years AND THEY STILL CANNOT PASS THEIR AGENDA…epic fail.

    Pull your head out of the sand and come over to reality. All of O’Bummers ideas might sound good, but they are fiscally impossible. I’m no history scholar, but I’m pretty sure one of the major reasons the USSR collapsed was because they flat out went broke. Wouldn’t it be a shame if the US collapsed because we ran out of money? Or maybe all of you progressives subconsciously want this…


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