First off, “Thanks be to Beeg,” (as we like to say in these here parts) for sharing HoopFeed with me.  If you’re on Twitter and interested in Women’s B-ball, you’ll want to follow.  (And for some of you guys, it may make it worthwhile to get onto Twitter – it’s got great info!)  This’ll be useful as we gear up for March Madness, folks!

One item of note from the feed – a brief piece about Pokey Chatman celebrating the Saints’ win!  Miss ya, Pokey!

And another … about Rutgers suspending C. Vivian Stringer for one game.  The comments that follow the article are interesting … sounds like it’s a very hot topic for some folks.  Clearly, there’s more than meets the eye here.

Finally, on the high school hoops front, the Belmont and Prospect Mountain girls go head-to-head tonight at BHS.  It should be a fascinating match-up, as it’s the first visit that ex-BHS coach Jeri Blair has paid to his old stomping grounds.  We’ll be going against long habit and rooting for the Timberwolves … wonder how THAT will feel!?

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2 Responses to Hoops

  1. Wow – that is creepy – and ALL news to JordanCornblog! Thank you, Alice … and EVERYBODY, get your asses home PRONTO!


  2. Alice says:

    Good grief–what has Pokey gotten herself into! After reading JordanCornblog this morning I decided to find out more about the team Pokey’s coaching and here’s my first hit (no pun intended): http://www.womentalksports.com/items/read/66/76458

    We’re talking basketball, right? Women’s basketball?

    Is this old news to JordanCornblog? I think it’s time for Pokey and Sylvia to come home!


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