Nice Day for a Parade!

Things are looking up, eh?  I’m loving the feel of the lengthening light these days, as we see the sun earlier in the AM … and are treated to later and later sunsets at the other end.

Now, with the Superbowl in the record books, March Madness looms, and WPS and baseball are just around the corner.  (And I do believe I am turning into my father … measuring the turning year by sports seasons.)

Here’s an article about the Breakers’ newest defender, Stephanie Cox.  She’ll be stepping in where Heather Mitts left off … as the B’s prepare to storm the WPS in season 2!

In the “real world,” Elizabeth Warren continues to impress, while John McCain tries to find his footing against a primary opponent who seems to be pulling him more toward the right (that’s the sureness of McCain’s rudder for ya – or the measure of his ambition).  Anyway – John goes right while Cindy goes left.  Do you think they are having fun at home?

Speaking of having fun at home … Vandy didn’t last night!  Nor did West Virginia, on the men’s side!

And last – but by no means least – here’s a rock ’em, sock ’em video of Barney Frank … on the lies that the Right-wing tells us … thanks MLH!


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