To Bob Sheridan, Whoever You Are

I must be doing something right, because Bob Sheridan stopped by yesterday evening, visited an ancient post, and wrote:

Sorry, but I found Wiff-n-Proof easy. I wish I could find a set now days. It would be fun showing liberal prigs what constitutes real intelligence.

Yikes … I can’t wait ’til he gets into the Sarah Palin stuff on the blog.  Of course, if he’s into “real intelligence” perhaps he sees Ms. P. for what she is.  (One can hope.)

Now, I’ll admit that I can get a little harsh and judgmental in some of my assessments of the right.  In the post in question, I was venting about a nasty uncle and being generally sarcastic.  But this is, after all, my turf.  If Mr. Sheridan had a blog, I seriously doubt that I would visit it out of the blue and attack him. (Now, of course, all bets are off.)

So let’s explore further …

Mr. Sheridan arrived on JordanCornblog last evening around 7:30 after Googling “Wff’n Proof.”  He spent 6 minutes and 11 seconds on the site, reading that one post and writing his comment.  That seems like an awfully long time to do just those two things … but maybe he had a phone call or something in the midst of it all.  Oh, and it looks like he (or his Internet Provider) is either in Florida or Virginia.  (I was thinking probably Cambridge or New Haven or Hanover or some place like that … being someone who is into Wff’n Proof and really, really intelligent and all.)

But let’s deconstruct this further.  I had very divergent and strong reactions to each of his three sentences, as follows:

“Sorry, but I found Wiff-n-Proof easy.” Now, first off, that’s not how you spell it, big guy.  Also, it’s kind of obnoxious to brag like that, Bob.  Was this maybe a high point for you?  (I can relate – for me it was being on a lacrosse team that upset the University of Pennsylvania back in 1974.)  Maybe we could sing “Glory Days” together, eh?  But this is 2010 – time to let old glories go.

“I wish I could find a set now days.” This sounded really wistful and sad.  I felt almost close to you here … and was definitely feeling sorry (and a little puzzled) that you apparently couldn’t find a set.   (Actually, you were on the right track with Googling, Bob.)  If you’d clicked the link in my post, you’d have easily been able to purchase your very own set.  Here’s the link again … you can get yourself back in the saddle right now!

“It would be fun showing liberal prigs what constitutes real intelligence.” Nasty threat here, but given your inability to find yourself a Wff’n Proof set it actually sounds pretty darn empty.  Maybe you’re just rusty, though.  Get yourself a set, do some practicing, and I am sure you’ll be able to show us prigs a thing or two.

Enough of this, already.

Boltgirl … I am imagining that you get a fair number of comments along these lines.  What do you do with them?

Oh, and Alice … don’t let this rant keep you from commenting … just DON’T piss me off!

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2 Responses to To Bob Sheridan, Whoever You Are

  1. Thanks – I did a Google search under “Aimee Short” and found one of the interchanges. A discussion with some actual substance! The GOP would do better to run Aimee than Sarah, I’m thinking. Looks like she and her hubby have the right look and all, too. (


  2. boltgirl says:

    I’ve had a few, but only a couple of them promised enough entertainment value to make them worth engaging. The MILF Fashions lady was pretty memorable, but she can’t hold a candle to the POWERHOUSE that is Aimee Short. Tenacious, that one.


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