The End of the Road

Sadly, the tournament road ended for all of the Belmont High and Bates College baksetball teams yesterday … each team falling by decisive scores to higher seeds.  I am thinking, in each case, they did very well to get as far as they did.  Meanwhile, the Villanova men fell to Syracuse and the Lady Vols clinched their 15th SEC titleCoach P’s Duke Blue Devils also clinched the ACC title with a drubbing of Virginia (sorry, Patrick) on Friday.  It’s time to start paying attention, folks.  Coupla weeks and we’re off and running!

HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew have been moving piles of snow since Thursday … with beautiful results, as you can see.

Meanwhile, here in NH we’ve had about 3-4 inches in our neck of the woods.

Friends in the Monadnock region are looking a little bit more like these photos, from what I hear.  It’s been a strangely spotty storm.  The other night I was driving through Weare, NH and from one end of town to the other I moved from rain into snow, almost like there was a line down the middle.

What we’ve got here now may be gone by the end of the day.

Over at HollyCornblog’s and CharlieHopbrew’s?  Not so much …

Other news? We had a very nice evening with friends – out by the chiminea, then sharing dinner and watching the Olympics for a bit.

I’m fighting a cold and it’s almost time for breakfast … kind of an aimless morning … but I’ll get myself going!

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