What a Day … What a Weekend … and Off We Go!

Such a nice taste of spring this past weekend (if you don’t think about global warming, that is).  We had a great visit with friends, and some outdoor activities, including two fires – one nighttime beauty at the top of the hill in the fire pit … and another in the chiminea last night before dinner.  So warm last evening I half expected to hear the first peepers … but we’re getting WAY ahead of ourselves.

We did notice a daffodil pushing through the field grass yesterday afternoon.  Go back, little guy, go back!

I spent a good part of the afternoon trimming apple branches for drying, sawing, and, ultimately, some sweet burning come next year.

Meanwhile, in sharp contrast, HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew headed up to the lake.

There they found everything in order … but rather wintry … to say the least!

The place has withstood the winds for 108 years … but man … those are some wild winters (and some humungous snow piles) up there!

Check this out … CharlieHopbrew walks beside the shoulder-high phone line.

He is snowshoeing over a drift in the back yard that has nearly buried the woodshed.

Careful, Charlie!

You’re taking “Reach out and Touch” to a whole new level!

And the Cornblog mailbox … looks pretty comfy there, doesn’t it?

All nestled in the snow up by the road …

Hard to believe that the snow will all be gone … boats in the water … dock in … windows open … sun shining … and all things back to summer-normal in another couple of months.

For now, though, winter appears to be rather firmly entrenched up there in those howling Helderberg hills!

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