March Rolls Along

I just sent out my initial March Madness e-mail … as the excitement builds.  We had some blog readers participate last year … so be sure to be in touch if you’re interested again and I haven’t contacted you! 😉

I am mulling my post about anger … need to set aside some time for it.  Maybe tonight.  Meanwhile, I’ve added a local legal group to my list of annoyances (sorry, AMR).  They are an advocacy group who I would normally be very much in support of, as their mission is to defend the rights of people who might not otherwise have a voice.

In practice, however, they are too often unreasonable and prone to insert themselves where their activities are actually quite counter-productive from a clinical point of view.  The fact is that good mental health treatment can sometimes put providers and clients at odds … and working that through is part of the process of recovery.  Insert an attorney and things get all f-cked up.  But they don’t see it … and man can that ever be a pain in the butt.  Especially when they cop an attitude, too.

Ugh – let’s talk soccer.

England is playing in the Cypress Cup, where they are not having the tournament they’d like … but did pull out the win against Italy (with 2 goals by our own Alex Scott)!

Here’s a profile of Breaker newbie Katherine Reynolds … as the season draws nigh … 😉

And congrats to Chrsitie Rampone and family … who welcome another daughter … Reece … to the world!

And what do YOU think … is UConn TOO good?  Let’s get a discussion going here …

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4 Responses to March Rolls Along

  1. Nope – not your shop at all. DRC.


  2. AMR says:

    If it’s my organization that you are referencing above, I would love to know as there is no reason for any of my attorneys to be copping an attitude with anyone. There has to be a need to respect differing opinions and to find a common ground :-).


  3. I hadn’t thought about that UCLA angle … love it! And as for Alex … interesting. I look for the Breakers’ to have a lot more scoring punch this time around (she says with fingers and toes crossed).


  4. Ski says:

    UConn is awesome and I’d like to see them go all the way. They will be less dominant next year with the loss of Tina and Kalana. I’d love to see them beat the 88 game UCLA men’s streak first (they’d be at 78 at the end of the NCAA tourney should they win).

    On a different subject, will Alex Scott be playing forward for the Breakers????!!!


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