Beck Send-Up

Move-On has created a wonderful send-up of the bizarre Glenn Beck as he shows us, indisputably, how a person by the name of Sam Stein (or maybe YOU) is at the core of all of our troubles.  Sign in via Facebook and have some fun!

Randomly speaking (it’s that kind of morning) … for Twitter aficionados, here’s a site where you can find various athletes on Twitter.  It’s a big help … especially if you care about following the real people!  😉

In local hoops news, congratulations to the Conant High School boys’ and girls’ b-ball teams – BOTH of whom are state champs!

I loved this – the genuine energy of it … as Hillary and Michelle share a laugh over a near-gaffe … 😉

And I am feeling my age … as I have absolutely no idea who Corey Haim is/was and didn’t even recognize him.  Don’t quite know what to think about that but, believe me, I am thinking!

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