I was all set to be mad again this year, as Newsweek has featured lots of analysis of the President’s Bracket yet again.  Where are the women?  He can’t have left them out again?

Come to find out, no … he made those picks, too.  They’ll be featured tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

In other sports news, I see that the USWNT is slated to play Germany in Cleveland this May … cool!

Meanwhile, there’s healthcare and all.  Maddow had a great rundown of the bill and the bizarre and persistent craziness of Bart Stupak as he continues to tilt at windmills.  I feel very torn about the whole thing … which is why I can’t understand Bart’s unhapiness.  You pretty much have what you want, Stupak!

Obama walked into the lion’s den (errr, the rabid fox’s den more like it) doing an interview on Fox News.  You can read the transcript here.

Oh, and what’s with Jesse James?  Seems pretty stupak to me.

The madness begins at 12:20PM ET … how will YOU fare?

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