Brackets? Brackets?

Looks like most follks are getting their picks in order for the Madness to begin.  Just a quick reminder that the Men’s bracket closes at @ noontime tomorrow … women’s same time on Friday.  Are you ready with your picks?  Me – I keep changing mine whenever I have a free moment … that’s how sure I feel about ’em!

One thing I am quite definite about … I always root against Jerry Falwell’s Liberty U (because I don’t want to see the idea that God actually has a hand in all this reinforced at the Big Dance).  It’s one and done for Liberty … because God thinks you are wrong!

Speaking of liberty (never one of my favorite words) – isn’t it interesting that Clarence Thomas’ wife has come out as a tea bagger?  Here’s her website … inspiring as all get out, eh?

How hypocritical that Obama’s friendship with a radical of some 30 years ago is grist for right-wing outrage … but this current activity by the bedmate of a member of SCOTUS is … okay?

Not to neglect soccer entirely, here’s Alex Scott’s first blog post of the new WPS season … love it!

Oh, and mld, yo … are you gonna get your brackets in or what?  Budget schmudget … your priorities, girl, your priorities!!!

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