Are You Fit? Do you Live in Connecticut, Colorado or California?

America’s fittest cities according to Gallup, are almost all in states begnning with a C.  The two anomalies?  Massachusetts and Nevada (both of which border on C-States).  This obvious and important factor in your fitness has not yet been studied, but I expect it soon will be.

Meanwhile, as you get your brackets set (there’s still time to change your mind, Mo) here’s some nice info about Breakers old and new … be sure to check the slide show and meet the team!

And have you wondered what became of Epiphanny Prince?  She skipped her senior year at Rutgers and has been playing in Russia … and now Turkey … as she works on her game with an eye to making it big!

Kagawa, Prince’s agent, said Prince should follow the lead of Cappie Pondexter, another former Rutgers guard. Pondexter first played for Fenerbahce, a powerhouse in Turkey, before moving on to UMMC Ekaterinburg of the Russian league, where she is believed to be one of the highest-paid female players in the world.

Prince has become something of a trailblazer, one of the first players to forgo her senior year of college to earn money and face tougher, more physical competition overseas.

Before she left, Prince’s family gathered for a celebration. Her grandmother cooked all of Prince’s favorite foods, including macaroni and cheese. Her mother gave her thermal underwear to help ward off Moscow’s cold.

As Prince stood in her living room, looking at the family she hopes to move from low-income housing in Brooklyn with the money she will make playing professionally, she thought about how much her decision had changed everything.

“If I was in school, I’d be taking the conditioning test right now,” Prince said she thought to herself.

Instead, she trained with perhaps the best women’s professional basketball team in the world, then packed again and went to Turkey, where her international odyssey continues.

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