Madness and More Madness

I know we all get caught up in b-ball this time of year … but the real madness is the anniversary that just went by.  Seven years ago yesterday this country launched a pointless and incalculably damaging war.  Enough of us fell for the fear mongering and hatefully simplistic world view of the Bushies and neo-cons that we invaded another country on the flimsiest of fabricated pre-texts … and lots of people lost their lives as a result.

And now?  Well, now the guys who did it still walk around like they did something good, rather than something criminal.  And I guess now the history books in Texas, at least, will agree.  Good god, y’all!  No wonder the b-ball madness is so alluring.

In fact, I just signed up for another bracket … the Women’s Hoops Blog bracket at ESPN.  I figure the more brackets, the better the chance of winning.  You can still join, if you want!

On the men’s side, yesterday didn’t bring the thrills (and spills) that Day 1 did.  As it stands now, POTUS is at the top of the pile in our bracket.  (I honestly don’t begrudge him that … but he does need to pay up.  Can’t just let his 4-bucks be “added to the deficit” … tho’ his detractors will be saying that’s exactly what he’s aiming to do!  I am sure he’s planing to pay up.  Right?)

Some of our top scorers (so far) will soon be following their hoop fates from Sicily (you know who you are).  Safe travels and don’t forget your parka’s – I hear it’s quite chilly there by the Mediterranean in March!  Oh, and “The Winners” – when will we know that you are making your move?  Just wondering.  😉

Here’s POTUS choosing his women’s bracket with Doris Burke … wee commercial first … and you have to click over to Youube to watch!


And now, I’m off for a run … gotta be in shape for these games!

PS  For some interesting reading, check out Alysa Auriemma’s Blog (yup, THAT Auriemma) — Life Beyond the Postseason — it’s a keeper.  She had me at … “I support any representation of Philly colleges in the bracketology reports.”

PPS This is just too good to pass up … Bill Maher exhibiting some possible Liz Cheney 2012 campaign posters.

Can you imagine?

Wouldn’t it be fun to see Liz and Sarah in a primary fight?

I’d buy tickets … okay, maybe not actually pay money … but I’d watch and enjoy … thoroughly.

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