Not Pretty in Bracketland

Have I already said OMG?  Kansas?  Villanova?  (Of course, if I’d actually paid attention to V’s last 7 games I might have known this would happen …)

If I’m right (and I may not be … it’s early and my judgment and perceptions are quite suspect given the above) there weren’t any upsets in the first part of round 1 for the women.

The Winners (aka Mo in Sicily) and jsperber are at the apex of our women’s bracket at the moment.  (Enjoy!) 😉  POTUS is still at the top for the men.

The one positive in it all for me is that LIberty didn’t win.  It just bugs me when a team that might possibly think God is on its side has that reinforced in any way.  (And maybe I’m off base, but I tend to think the Catholic Schools are a wee bit more sophisticated on that score and got away from that kind of thinking back in the 1930’s … mostly.)

What if … what if.  Watch this scary video about the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  Very creepy shit if you ask me.


Of course, this isn’t brainwashing.  Nah.  This isn’t blatant propaganda or anything.  Nah.

It’s Obama who is being insidious and striving to take over the country … the hearts and minds of every American.  Yup, terrifying dude, that Obama.  Watch out for him.

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2 Responses to Not Pretty in Bracketland

  1. ICK indeed! Drew Beldsoe all over again … and with shitty politics to boot. (I was pleased to see that the Eagles, at least, weren’t in that mix.)


  2. AMR says:

    No upsets for the women (so far). Although I hope the predictability doesn’t stand because that would be one boring March for women’s ball!

    And here’s a nauseating thought that I read on another blog…



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