The Duke women went down yesterday … further ravaging my bracket (not that it’s ALL about me).  Meanwhile mikebroomall shot to the top of our women’s field … can he hang on?  It’ll be interesting to see how Britney Griner and her Baylor Bears fare in San Antonio when the Huskies visit.


On the other side of the bracket … looks like Stanford survived a scare in the late game.

Speaking of surviving a scare … the Hutarees were arrested in Michigan … 8 out of 9 of ’em, from what I can tell.  Who/what are the Hutarees?  A far right religious militia group that was plotting to kill a police officer and then bomb the funeral, killing more police … all in the service of their delusional belief system.

According to those who know, these groups are seeing a dramatic rise … probably because the rest of us remain so blind and complacent while the end days are drawing nigh and evil reigns … and all that.  SOMEONE has got to step into the breach … so why not a bunch of 8 year old boys (speaking developmentally) with lots of automatic weapons and heavy artillery … and extensive experience with video games and simplistic, fundamentalist Sunday School lessons?  Why do you have a problem with that?  (Oh, and I do apologize for being insulting to 8 year old boys, the vast majority of whom are more in touch with reality than these militia folks.)

According to The Southern Poverty Law Center … “The number of hate groups in America has been going up for years, rising 54% between 2000 and 2008 and driven largely by an angry backlash against non-white immigration and, starting in the last year of that period, the economic meltdown and the climb to power of an African American president.”  (Remember who was President during that span?)

They cite the upcoming Second Amendment March as a worrisome event …

Last year also experienced levels of cross-pollination between different sectors of the radical right not seen in years. Nativist activists increasingly adopted the ideas of the Patriots; racist rants against Obama and others coursed through the Patriot movement; and conspiracy theories involving the government appeared in all kinds of right-wing venues. A good example is the upcoming Second Amendment March in Washington, D.C. The website promoting the march is topped by a picture of a colonial militiaman, and key supporters include Larry Pratt, a long-time militia enthusiast with connections to white supremacists, and Richard Mack, a conspiracy-mongering former sheriff associated with the Patriot group Oath Keepers.

What may be most noteworthy about the march, however, is its date — April 19. That is the date of the first shots fired at Lexington in the Revolutionary War. And it is also the anniversary of the fiery end of the government siege in Waco and the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

Here’s the data re. the NH March … which doesn’t appear to have a whole lot of activity associated with it.  I’ll probably stay away from the State House on 4/10, nonetheless.

When will we come to our senses?

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2 Responses to Damn!

  1. Alice says:

    Looks like we are now neck and neck in this awful freefall. Hope the parachute opens. Heeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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