Congrats to RPE on getting the final thesis work done (big printing job, eh?)  Also … looks like you’re golden on the men’s side … unless Duke loses and West Virginia gets to the final, in which case, it looks like it’ll be murraydewd walking away with those millions!  😉

In other news … I started daydreaming about an iPad this morning … a very, very dangerous development, as HollyCornblog can attest!

So, to put that out of my mind, I’ll turn my thoughts to … the USWNT … or to the women’s bracket … or to the Phillies

… or maybe I’ll just go eat breakfast before I start getting cranky and thinking about Sarah Palin

This, on the other hand, is a lovely piece about the tradition of the White House seder … I am so very impressed by the groundedness and substance of the Obamas.  So refreshing.

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