Congratulations are Due …

… to RPE for:

  1. Finishing her thesis; and
  2. Sitting atop our men’s bracket!

Oh yeah, and congratulations to West Virginia for upsetting John Calipari’s Wildcats … and to Baylor (for totally screwing up my bracket on the women’s side).  Ah well, as DaddyCornblog would say … whenever the Eagles or Phillies got knocked out of contention … “Now you can relax!”  Oh, and we all relaxed a lot, back in the day!

Meanwhile Boltgirl has suffered through Ms. Palin’s leather-clad foray into Arizona, sounding as enthralled with her presence as Cindy McCain looked.

I am ashamed to say that I woke up wondering what most Teabaggers do for a living.  (Ashamed to say it because I hate it that my mind is that much taken up with them.)

But, fortuitously, I next came upon this article from the NY Times … which told me what I was expecting … these madhatters have time for tea parties because they mostly have nothing else to do.  Not only that, but they are, many of them, on the dole.  Go figure.

One of the most bizarre passages I read (it would be poignant if they weren’t being so hateful) was from a 67 year old woman who joined the movement with her husband when he lost his job and their house wouldn’t sell.  Looking for an outlet for her rage, she came upon the Tea Partiers – and she is now one of their leading lights.  What drew her?  Among other things …

She liked that the Tea Party was patriotic, too. “They said the Pledge of Allegiance and sang the national anthem,” she said.

How elementary school is that?  You mean if Obama wore his flag pin and all, you’d be fine with healthcare reform?  Is that the level of debate we are dealing with here?

But you know what?  The flag pin wouldn’t help.  That’s because all the frothing isn’t really about healthcare … as Frank Rich so aptly puts it … it’s about fear of the “other.”  The heterosexual, English-speaking, white male dudes of our world, along with their faithful and adoring dudettes, are inexorably losing ground … and violently writhing and protesting in the process.  It’s about demographics, not legislation … the census, baby, the census!

If Obama’s first legislative priority had been immigration or financial reform or climate change, we would have seen the same trajectory. The conjunction of a black president and a female speaker of the House — topped off by a wise Latina on the Supreme Court and a powerful gay Congressional committee chairman — would sow fears of disenfranchisement among a dwindling and threatened minority in the country no matter what policies were in play. It’s not happenstance that Frank, Lewis and Cleaver — none of them major Democratic players in the health care push — received a major share of last weekend’s abuse. When you hear demonstrators chant the slogan “Take our country back!,” these are the people they want to take the country back from.

Maybe as the Teabaggers get jobs the movement will lose some of its momentum.  One can hope.  But the venom won’t be gone any time soon.  Poisonous stuff, this.

Let’s shift to sports … where we’ve got the Men and women playing more b-ball today … and the USWNT vs Mexico on the Fox Soccer channel at 2 PM (that’s PT).  Here are the 18 who will be suiting up for the match:

GK: Nicole Barnhart, Hope Solo

D: Stephanie Cox, Rachel Buehler, Amy LePeilbet, Meghan Schnur, Cat Whitehill

M: Yael Averbuch, Shannon Boxx, Kristine Lilly, Lori Lindsey, Carli Lloyd, Heather O’Reilly

F: Lauren Cheney, Alex Morgan, Kelley O’Hara, Amy Rodriguez, Abby Wambach

Nice to see Lil back in the mix – playing for the USWNT in her fourth decade!

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