Spurs and Matt Bonner Prevail!

NH B-ball fans will get to see their favorite son, Concord’s own Matt Bonner, play into the next round of the NBA play-off’s.  Yep, the Spurs beat the #2 seeded Mavericks last night and will move on to play the Phoenix Sun in round 2.

I’ll be torn on this one, as Steve Nash is such a good guy, with his politics and philanthropic activities and staunch WPS support and all.  In my heart, I’ll be rooting for him to move deeper into the play-off’s … and for Bonner to do well, but for his Spurs to stop their run.

Do you think AZ will wait ’til after the play-off’s to deport Steve?  I’m guessing yes.

On the WPS front, sadly Carli Lloyd has broken her ankle … as her hard luck WPS saga continues.  Tomorrow the Breakers face off against the Red Stars in Cambridge … on what looks to be a beautiful, summerish day in these parts.  Dang … wish I could go!  😦

Here’s some Week 3 WPS analysis from Set Piece, if you’re so inclined.  (It seems the podcast is only available via download this week.)

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1 Response to Spurs and Matt Bonner Prevail!

  1. TheFrogBlogg says:

    Hey Jordan,

    I’d just like to say I really appreciate you linking my satirical article about the deportation of Steve Nash.

    I’m not sure how you stumbled across it, but I’m glad you enjoy it. I hope you read future entries of my blog, I’m happy to have recently discovered yours.

    All the best,



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