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Congratulations, Graduates … and wow, RPE! “twas an amazing and wonderful event … every single bit of it!!

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Sunday Dawns Bright(ish)

Actually, it’s another grey morning here in Lewiston … but if memory serves, the sun will break through!  😉 Yesterday was full of wonderful moments, great and small … and I must say that by @ 8PM I was ready … Continue reading

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Alone in a Motel Room in Lewiston

How’s that for a book title?  Draws you in, doesn’t it? So here I am on a drizzly-looking Saturday morning.  What a contrast to yesterday’s brilliant, clear sun and bright blue skies! We got the lowdown on the “incident” here … Continue reading

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Graduation Weekend

We’re off to start the graduation weekend festivities …on what looks to be a beautiful spring weekend. Bittersweet, making a last drive up the Maine Turnpike … bittersweet and celebratory … and such a marker of the passage of time. … Continue reading

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Various and Sundry Updates as I Wait for My Flyers Gear to Arrive!

Yup, the Phlyers are in the Stanley Cup Phinal … and Philly has Phlyers Phever … as does JordanCornblog!  I know that some readers of this blog find the sports stuff (and particularly the baseball/football … and now hockey info) … Continue reading

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Sarcasm – My Favorite

Found this letter while attempting to digest far too much mexican cuisine from lunch… ———————————————————————————————————————- Dr. Laura Schlessinger – a radio personality, said that, as an observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an abomination according to Leviticus 18:22 and cannot be … Continue reading

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Oh Snap!

The Phillies lost 2 to the Sox … including yesterday’s game in which Doc Halliday got chased out in the 6th.  Hope they’re geting something out of their systems!  On a positive note, the Red Sox seem to have rediscovered … Continue reading

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Big Win for USWNT

Happy Sunday morning!  The dogs got me up, very gently-but-insistently, shaking their collars and staring at me while I pretended to be asleep.  A new day is always so exciting for them .. and I take a lesson (when I … Continue reading

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Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Too much coffee this morning, as I’m the only coffee drinker here and thus there’s no natural limit on my consumption.  Watch out world … I am WIDE awake and ready zip off my shopping list and hit Hannaford’s momentarily. … Continue reading

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So Where are We, This Gorgeous Friday Morning?

Well, JBD is off to Deer Island, NB … leaving her animals and plants to the tender mercies of those of us remaining at the house.  (Could be a sketchy few days for the critters!) Congratulations to RPE … you … Continue reading

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