Sunday Dawns Bright(ish)

Actually, it’s another grey morning here in Lewiston … but if memory serves, the sun will break through!  😉

Yesterday was full of wonderful moments, great and small … and I must say that by @ 8PM I was ready for bed (while the students, embarking on their last night of undergraduate life … were just getting started)!   Just got off the phone with JBD who said she could hear the hooting and hollering from the top of Mt. David this morning … the senior class celebrating the new day after their last all-nighter!

Now it’s on to Commencement … and then packing up and embarking on the rest of life.  What a time, what a time!

In news of the world … the slice of it that I checked on this morning … I see that I was remiss in not remarking on the demise of The Athletica on the WPS front.  Last I had checked, the league was going to step in and keep them going.  Now, though, all I can think is … hmmmm … Hope Solo???  Meanwhile, the Breakers and Sky Blue FC played to a 0-0 tie while FC Gold Pride were handed their first loss by the surprising Red Stars!

On the Phillies front, even the guy at the front desk of the motel was congratulating me this morning … Roy Halliday having pitched the 20th perfect game in MLB history!  (And I am so glad that he has now superceded the execrable Jim Bunning in Phillies’ lore!!!)  It takes a perfect game, unfortunately, to win for the Phillies these days … that’s how quiet their bats have gotten.

The Flyers lost a wild Game 1 to the Blackhawks in Chicago … and, sadly, the Lakers eliminated Steve Nash and the Suns.  Guess it’ll fall to the Celtics to send Kobe packing.

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4 Responses to Sunday Dawns Bright(ish)

  1. Jim Bunning … nasty Senator (soon to be ex) from Kentucky. And hey – congratulations on grad school!!!!! What’s the link to your blog? And that all-nighter is such a fond memory … complete with thinking we were drunk (on sparking grape juice)!! (At least that’s what I thought!)


  2. Wow, Paula – Thanks … love reading your memories … and yes, they did fip the tassel … and it was all so amazing and wonderful and moving! Savoring … and hoping your camping was wonderful. It sounds idyllic!


  3. Paula Rockwell says:

    As I sit by the pond at my campsite reading about RPE’s graduation day, memories flood into my mind and make me smile. From the little bean of a baby on the floor of Ruth Arrington’s home, to the little girl running thru the sprinkler at Paxton Hill, to the 4-H dog shows, birthday dinners around the PH table, basketball, soccer stories, championships, awards etc. Then her slide show of her semester abroad, fielding questions and comments from her small friendly gallery….its all so good. I anxiously await RPE and her generation to help bring a new energy and dialogue to our ever complicated world. You go girl! May the blessings be, my thoughts are with you and your family. Soak in the moments. Do they still flip the tassel from one side to the other? If so, flip it and move on to the next chapter, where ever, what ever that may be.


  4. CB says:

    This makes me think of our all-nighter before our commencement. What a difference 40 years make!
    Why is Jim Bunning execrable?
    I just finished grad school so you’ll be seeing more of me around here. BTW, I started a classroom blog. A work in progress…..


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