Alone in a Motel Room in Lewiston

How’s that for a book title?  Draws you in, doesn’t it?

So here I am on a drizzly-looking Saturday morning.  What a contrast to yesterday’s brilliant, clear sun and bright blue skies!

We got the lowdown on the “incident” here … not at all what the press had been reporting.  (And it’s not surprising … tho’ certainly disheartening to hear, yet again, about the distortion that occurs as news purveyors attempt to make stories “newsworthy.”)

After hearing an eyewitness point of view, (and a very credible eyewitness, I might add) it sounds like the police response was seriously out of whack with what was occurring.  Drunk students are, no doubt, annoying on occasion … but there was no riot or rampage  – no huge fight or melee – as the headlines screamed.  And apparently there were nightsticks used, and students tackled … quite different from the “official” version being shared.

It’s unfortunate that graduation memories will include this event and its fallout, for this year’s seniors.  And I hope that there is no escalation of the the Town Gown tension that some of this seems to have sprung out of.  Welcome to the world, seniors!  Sorry we haven’t made a better job of it … but hopefully you’ll be able to bring some new ideas and energy into the mix.

In other news I see that the Phillies phinally scored … and won.  Hope this gets them going again.  The Celtics are in the finals (yawn) … and the Phlyers start their phinals play tonight against the Blackhawks.  Everyone is picking Chicago … but not yours truly.  Surprised?

Oh, and happy birthday, JFK.  Now, onward – heading off to Nezinscot Farm for breakfast!!

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2 Responses to Alone in a Motel Room in Lewiston

  1. That is so beautiful, Alice … and so apt for this time! Full day yesterday … and today … how grateful I feel!


  2. Alice says:

    Alone in a Motel Room in Lewiston
    (for Jordy)

    There’s that real world
    morning sky—
    gray, drizzle,
    the whoosh
    of passing cars,
    wakening. . .


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