Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Too much coffee this morning, as I’m the only coffee drinker here and thus there’s no natural limit on my consumption.  Watch out world … I am WIDE awake and ready zip off my shopping list and hit Hannaford’s momentarily.

But first, a few thoughts and tidbits as the hazy Saturday sky lightens here and I let the caffeine settle.  I got caught up (as I do occasionally these days) reading about the new HTC Droid Incredible … and find myself curious – as much about my avid interest as I am about the Droid itself.  It’s not like I am a big phone user (except for work-related stuff).  It’s the gadgetry that draws me – and most especially the web interface.

But is it something I will really use?  Have time to use?  (Have time to LEARN how to use?)  These are questions I “should” ponder.  But will I?  (Not if I put “should” into the mix, that’s for sure!)  June 7th, I believe, is the day I can upgrade … we’ll call it D-Day for short.  Stay tuned, and I’ll let you know what happens.

This You Tube video just blew me away.


It’s a song that I was absolutely enthralled with as a kid.  Listened to it over and over – and have always wondered if I’d ever see/hear it again.  Enter You Tube.  It’s so amazing to see the exact record that I recall … the turntable even looks familiar!

I was fascinated to read that others were apparently as obsessed as I was with the record.  That’s a relief … I’m within a norm of some sort, at least in this regard!

Don’t forget the USWNT at 6PM ET tonight on ESPN2 … running all over Germany.  In seriousness, it’ll be interesting to see how they do … as some folks (Carli Lloyd, Tobin Heath and Lauren Cheney among them) will be missing from the roster.

Meanwhile, on the WPS front the bye week brings news about financial troubles for the Athletica.  Drat!  The thread on BigSoccer has some good links and discussion.

The Flyers look to bounce back today at 3PM (Et) against the Habs (what DOES that mean, anyway???) while the Phillies take on the Red Sox again at 7:10 PM.

HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew are meeting with the “Tree Guy” up at the Lake … sounds like there are 3 trees that need to come down.  One, in particular, is leaning in a manner that’s just a bit too friendly … toward the house.

Sounds like it’ll be a tad warmer up there today than it was last Saturday.  Hope it’s not too buggy!

Finally, here’s another HollyCornblog Castle – this one in the woods up at the Lake.  (No trees threatening it, thankfully!)

Have a great Saturday …

… and I’m off, …

… leaving the virtual world and heading to town to harrass my compatriots in the real world for a bit!

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4 Responses to Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

  1. That would be cool, Paula … we should plan a chiminea for sometime this summer … with smartphones in hand! 😉


  2. Paula Rockwell says:

    I love my verizon HTC Droid Eris..Would be happy to have a learning session with you although I learn something new daily about it.


  3. They are mostly stone and cement and found objects … bits of glass, pillars she made out of cement molded in paper towel tubes … beer bottles … you name it! I’ll see if I have any close-ups to share … tomorrow … 😉


  4. Alice says:

    More HollyCornblog castles please–they are FANTASTIC! What materials are they made of–couldn’t tell from the picture?


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