Big Win for USWNT

Happy Sunday morning!  The dogs got me up, very gently-but-insistently, shaking their collars and staring at me while I pretended to be asleep.  A new day is always so exciting for them .. and I take a lesson (when I remember)!

In my perusal of the usual news venues … and Twitterland … I am coming upon a plethora (yes, a plethora, I did say that) of excellent one-liners about a certain individual whom I have sworn off of (or off of whom I have sworn).  So I’ll settle for this helpful twist on the Birther Movement from Bill Maher, who proposes the following:

New Rule: The Republican leadership in America must produce their birth certificates! Not because I doubt they’re Americans, I just want to make sure they’re not eight-years-old.

Okay, and I can’t resist this …

I haven’t seen the match yet, but the USWNT defeated Germany 4-0 yesterday evening in Cleveland … in what sounded like an excellent match.  Well done, Lil!

This just annoys the hell out of me … in a world where so many are living on the edge … the whole Frank and Jamie McCourt divorce flap.

How obscene is this tanned and self-absorbed couple?  And just how much money does one require to live?  Seriously.

In my fantasy world, Jamie asks for a million in spousal support, Jamie offers half, and the judge orders them both to put all of their combined assets toward the clean-up of the Gulf. It’s sobering to read how close they came to being Red Sox owners … yikes!

And I love this McCourt tidbit from USA Today …

” … the Dodgers have paid the couple’s two adult sons a total of $600,000 a year for services “that could not be described” by either parent and have paid nearly $4 million in “consulting services” to an entity “that has done virtually nothing for the club, even as the team has made a concerted effort to raise ticket prices, trim payroll and acquire players on the cheap.”

Meanwhile, Elin Nordgren is upping the ante with Tiger … but somehow, I don’t mind that as much.  Let her get her pound (or two) of flesh.

And in response to Alice’s request, I am looking for more HollyCornblog castle pictures.

Here’s the castle at the lake again …

… and below is a close-up showing the embedded bottles, a window, etc.

I believe those are Rolling Rock bottles, if I’m not mistaken … those refreshing-looking green ones!

Cloudy here, as Sunday morning moves ahead.

What are you doing today?

I know I’ll be watching/listening to the Phillies/Red Sox game at some point … hoping Roy Halliday can hold the Sox … and the Phillies’ bats come back to life after last night’s near-no-hitter!

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3 Responses to Big Win for USWNT

  1. I thoroughly agree about Lil, Alice.

    and as for critters in the castles … I haven’t actually heard of any setting up housekeeping … but it sould be magical!


  2. Love the castles. I wonder what little critters might be living like little princesses, calling them home.


  3. Alice says:

    I’m not sure how “friendly” the US/Germany match was, but it was MY kind of game” a minimum of edge- of-the-seat tense moments and lots of nifty plays (sorry, to be so technical). Where does Lil get her stamina? She never stopped. Anyway, I hope you give yourself a break and sit back with a cold beer to enjoy the match. Speaking of enjoyment–thanks for close-ups of HollyCornblog’s Castles: they are captivating.


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