Off to the Races

I’m off to work … then visiting HollyCornblog and CharlieHopBrew for the weekend.

Hope the rains stay away for the Breakers’ game tonight …and Kelly Smith smacks a few home!  While you’re waiting for the game, here’s the latest NYT Blog post from Sky Blue’s Yael Averbuch … very nice as always!  And here are the WPS Midweek Notes from Women’s Soccer Weekly.  (Yes, I know it’s no longer mid-week!)

Hope the Sox, Flyers and Phillies win … and hope you all have a great weekend.  And good grief, I nearly forgot … hope the Cubbies win another one for Boltgirl.  (They could be starting a streak!)

I may or may not check in over the next couple of days.


Oh, and if Facebook privacy settings have you flummoxed … check out this video!

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