Surveying the Terrain

As the dust settles this morning, it looks to me like the electorate on the righthand side of the road, as well as the lefthand side, made itself heard.  Blanche Lincoln is tangled in a run-off with Bill Halter now … and maybe Wal-mart won’t be able to buy off the voters this time.  Joe Sestak beat 80-year-old Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania.  While I celebrate Specter’s moderation and courage in many/most ways (his performance at the Anita Hill hearings being the one major blemish on his record in my mind), I wish that he had found a more graceful way to leave the stage.

Meanwhile, on the righthand side of things, Rand Paul handed Mitch McConnell’s pick a Tea Party fueled shellacking in Kentucky.  The result is less disturbing to me when I remind myself that this is the contest for Jim Bunning’s seat … that nasty, rabid right-wing, right-handed pitching dude who is one of the few Phillies I’d like to disown!  For Rand Paul and the Tea Baggers to do well in Jim’s country isn’t entirely surprising.

In the only election that involved the GOP and the Dems going at it, Democrat Mark Critz won the day and will finish out the late John Murtha’s term for Pennsylvania.

I am thoroughly enjoying the Mark Souder debacle … not because I particularly relish his suffering … but because the spectacle of hypocrisy and self-righteousness being unmasked is something I never, ever get tired of.  Here’s the abstinence video that he made with his paramoor … thought it had been taken down from You Tube, but apparently not!


And Tracy Jackson?  Apparently she’s also married .. and hooked up with Souder at the Christian radio station where she interviewed him about his work in DC.  These Christians … they are busy, busy people!

In the saner world of sports … the Red Sox took it to the Yankees while the Phillies (and Roy Halliday) lost a close one to the Pirates.  The Flyers are up on Montreal 2-0 in their series … on the strength of two shut-outs.  The Celtics won another … and the Breakers are continuing to struggle.

And in the blogosphere …

  • Check out Just Keep Swimming for a new look (at least to me … it’d been awhile) and lots of interesting/informative social media insights.
  • For those of you who have an in with Rachel Maddow … put in a plug for an interview with Boltgirl about her research next week.  I, for one, have had enough dung!  Empire Points … now there’s something the American public is well nigh ready for!  Rachel, Rachel … Empire Points NOT dung, okay?
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1 Response to Surveying the Terrain

  1. Alison Scott says:

    I, for one, would have loved to hear how Mark Souder’s and Tracy Jackson’s conversation evolved that day, from abstinence interview to intercourse! I think that could make for a hilarious film short…

    Yet I appreciate your empathy for his suffering, too. We humans have such a tough time reconciling our ideals with our impulses… As you said, it’s high-handed moralizing and under the table hypocrisy that ultimately makes folks squirm so when they’re caught!


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