Google Voice Anyone?

You’ll notice a new widget in my sidebar … right above the Red River Reviews (which I need to update).  It’s a link for leaving me a message on Google Voice.

Here’s how it works (as they explain it) …

Voicemail Widgets can be put on any web page, and allow people to leave you a voicemail from that web page. When somebody clicks on the widget, we call them and connect them to your voicemail. Your number is always kept private. You can create multiple voicemail widgets and have different settings for each of them.

So, you click the widget and some little boxes appear where you can enter your name and phone number.  That’s so my voicemail on Google Voice can call you.  You then leave me a message.  And don’t worry … I’ll see whatever name you enter, but not your number.

The reason I am experimenting with this is because I often receive voicemails related to my on-line work that include information that I need to write out in some way.  The very, very cool thing about Google Voice is that it offers the ablity to receive voicemail messages transcribed in my in-box.  I can both listen to them and have a transcribed version to look at.

That way, if I need to, I can just cut-and-paste the contents of the message into Word (or whatever) and edit there.

It’s looking to me like a MAJOR time-saver.  We shall see.  The service itself is free … but I am still a little unclear on what kind of impact it’s going to have on my phone bill.  Some things I’ve read say there’s no impact … and some seem to indicate that there may be some cost (not from Google, but from my carrier).

We shall see … and as long as the cost isn’t huge, I suspect that the functionality will be well worth it to me.

Want to learn more about Google Voice?  Here’s their blog … and here’s the part of Google Voice that drew me …

Anyone out there have experience with Google Voice?  What do you think about it?  I’d love to learn more.

Oh, and in anticipation of the imminent arrival of my Droid … I am pleased to see that there’s an app for this!


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